Brexit is formally ON, right now. British people do not belong anymore to the European community, and stand alone, happy to look at their new fantastic future, which is not there.
Wake up ! You are still european, as you have ever been. You cannot escape.
All of us are as such. The difference is that you do not belong anymore to a set of rules that you did not agree with, as we do not as well, but we don’t escape.
There is a lot of good reasons to be dissatisfied about the ruling of the E.U. as it is.
We do agree. There is as well a lot of good reasons to be, probably, dissatisfied about the ruling of the Royal Crown, taken as a symbol of the british political power, over the entire island, and Scotland aim tells us something about. But this long time dissatisfaction of the scottish people has never been strong enough to force their decision to move away from the Crown.
Why ? Pragmatical interest. Smaller you are, weaker you are. The same apply to the U.K. out of the E.U. We are nowdays experiencing the hudge impact that another continent, Asia, with China, may have on our lifes. It is a multilateral impact, based on health, right now, and on economy, since long time, and more in the next future.

Big players are playing their international game, China and USA first, while Europe, intended as E.U. appears to be absent. Do you expect to take the place of the E.U. after brexit ?
Do you expect to become stronger after freedom from the E.U. chains ? Based on what ?
Wake up : the british empire it’s over, since long time. The U.K. is weak, as well as Europe, notwithstanding their economical weight over the worldwide scenery.
We all belong to a unique European Nation, although we still don’t know.
We all have a common history, a common background, a common culture.
We are all different to eachother, even inside the same political State, but we belong to the same family, and like in all families we always find good reasons of contrast, still belonging to the same family, where we were born.
What do we need to realize that ? A new global war ? Can we imagine two european countries belonging to opposite parties in a global conflict ? No, we can’t.
So what for this brexit ? To make harder any possible change to the present organization of the E.U. community ? The E.U. MUST change, otherwise we’ll have to face other brexits …
We all need a new “European Crown” to believe in, and we don’t, so far.

We have to stimulate local people to undertake their own responsibilities in the civil development of their own territories, with little interference form the E.U. burocracy as it is now. We want FREEDOM, that means : LET’S WORK ALL TOGETHER, eachone under his own responsibility. We do not need a european “mum” : we need a EUROPEAN DREAM, based on a new democratic fundation. Europe of people, not Europe of the governments.


Franco Puglia

February 2, 2020